David Coles personally welcomes you to the beginning of your new life via complete, unique and highly effective Life Expansion Guidance, with altruism at the hub of everything that is being offered. If you have any questions about life and your existence, then David will confidently answers these questions and open your mind to see the truth beyond the doubtful insecurities that obscures what is there for all of us to see and embrace.

If you are in any way disillusioned by counsellors, psychologists, psychiatrists, life coaches, motivational speakers, or even spiritual teachers, and their ability to offer any true pathway beyond the pain that pervades the human mind, then you have journeyed to the final destination for finding strength and clarity, as your search for truth and the understanding of your life can all be attained right here. Life Expansion Training offers a comprehensive process of learning to transform a persons life beyond any restrictive mental conditions or personal emotional issues….utilising personal Life Expansion sessions, workshops, seminars, skype/phone counselling and an interactive talk radio show which David hosts. So there are many avenues available to suit your lifestyle, needs and budget.

If a person has arrived at this website with anything from anxiety or depression, through to relationship issues, the desire for spiritual awakening, the desire to become more compassionate and honest, or support in dealing with a world of increasing controls, rampant cruelty and diminishing personal expression… in fact anything to do with facing, dealing with and exploring human existence and our interaction with life, then they have arrived upon a world of knowledge and support that has the potential to transform their life, and create the most exciting and soul enriching voyage of discovery available via one location.

So whatever your reason, it is important to understand that David presents a truth that is awaiting all of us to see and embrace, whether we have perceived problems or not… this is the journey awaiting all of humanity should they have the courage to face the hardest thing to see whilst in fear, and the easiest thing to see once free of fear. Let David guide you to find this strength to a place where all will be revealed and life is now understood… just that is a powerful reality to enter.

David Coles, the Director, Senior Life Guide, and the creator of Life Expansion Technique (L.E.T.),  is an anxiety and depression specialist, and a cutting edge expert on human behaviour and the social functioning of modern day life – and how this is effecting how we feel and think. David can fulfil the following with highly developed expertise and complete assurance;

Life Expansion Training – supporting an individual on social, psychological, emotional and spiritual issues, to create an advanced expression of consciousness via a deep understanding of the human program. David’s services incorporate the following life expanding aspects…

  • Mentoring – offering wisdom, compassion, awareness, self empowerment and support.
  • Education – providing intellectual, moral and social knowledge in the building of a awareness.
  • Motivation – stimulating interest and enthusiasm in life’s challenges.
  • Guidance – illuminating a path through the perceptual maize of the human mind.
  • Negotiation/Advise – diffusing divisiveness, creating peaceful understanding and expanding the possibilities.
  • Communications training – communication is an essential skill to generate enhanced connections and mastery of ones life.
  • Spiritual Awakening – facilitating the possibility to become aware beyond self, hence exposing the truth of life and a world beyond the stressful process of choice.
  • Emotional Development/Expression – learning how to “FEEL” could be the single most important thing a person can do in their life. For to understand life one must feel it. So it is essential to learn how to unleash feelings to a self propelled state whereby life is understood as it happens, hence diminishing the psychological stress of of being a feeling chaser (an ongoing state of stress and anxiousness with brief moments of reward when one “catches” a feeling they have been wanting). Once life is felt in a truthful rather than an edited state, the pathway of ones existence becomes clearer and freer.

The extensive educational program that David Coles has created, supports an individual prior to, during and beyond the life expanding training that he is offering: including reading material, videos, audio recordings, books, interactive radio shows, seminars, workshops, online skype/phone counselling, blogs, and complete, effective and distinctive theories on life and human behaviour.

The key to all that David presents is embodied in Life Expansion Technique (L.E.T.)

L.E.T. has been in development for 12 years and it is now a precise, unique and advanced mode of thought that will revolutionise the field of human behaviour and all aligned industries. This dynamic and life changing counselling practice, creates a personal reality for clients which is expansive and powerful enough to absorb nearly any experience life can present…and if not then it will allow for ongoing expansion until that experience can be absorbed. This creates a willingness to face and feel all of life with courage and intrigue, as opposed to facing it with fear and reservation. L.E.T. allows for the development of great inner strength, knowledge, intelligence, creativity, compassion and wisdom, hence it removes the fear of needing to avoid perceptually undesirable feelings, leaving a person in a more complete and empowered state of being.

After many years in the field of Psychology, David realised the need to not just ‘fix’ people with short term solutions, so they can get back into the ‘system’, but more importantly, the need to enhance the functioning of a persons mind so they can create an ongoing process of self empowerment and understanding of life. It was this clear observation that lead to the essential creation of L.E.T. and its implementation into the world of counselling, mentoring, education, self help, spirituality and life guidance. Hence the need and recognition for an expansive world of thought as being essential to feel the truth of life, became an irrefutable proposition.

“We can’t solve our problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.”… Albert Einstein

This quote is rich with wisdom and in essence highlights what L.E.T offers, that being a new way of thinking, feeling and hence responding to life. As a result of understanding L.E.T., feelings such as anxiety and depression are no longer seen as a problem, but rather a sign that a persons thoughts are retracting rather than expanding. Once this is recognised, there is no need to “solve” the perceived problem. The journey of expansion into a state of awareness is reignited and fear is once again defeated. Hence L.E.T. allows a person to embrace and cope with all of life’s challenges, as they learn how to experience life rather than letting the experience of it define their existence.

David does not see people as having a mental illness or psychological problems, otherwise we could all be diagnosed as having some form of ‘mental disorder’. Instead, David grabs people from wherever they are at in life, without labeling or judging, and expands from there, as he takes people on an exciting journey of discovery into a new world of thought; hence there is nothing to ‘fix’ and only new awareness to be gained. The journey of Life Expansion quickly becomes self propelled and any additional back up from David is to further the expansive process that is now their own. They are now the creator of their own reality as opposed to a reactor to life.

David’s services are for all members of the community, regardless of religious belief, age, gender, sexual orientation, lifestyle choice or cultural background – or any belief for that matter. Any person can enhance and expand beyond their existing mode of thought and this process has no limits or boundaries, hence the development of wisdom and inner strength is an eternal one throughout the entirety of a persons life. Eventually L.E.T becomes innate, self propelled and natural to their expression of being.


There is information that once felt and understood, can effect the human mind in such a way, that a person will experience the necessary blast of energetic emotion to propel self beyond the powerful grip of fear, and hence allow for L.E.T. to create a permanent shift into a new realm of expansive human existence. However, before this KEY can be handed to a person, they need to have explored quite deeply into all that David presents, have attended at least one personal counselling session, seminar and workshop, and then have read David’s book The Insanity of Humanity. The reason for this, is because this information, if not understood and embraced without defense, will simply fuel the power of fear. However, David can easily guide any person beyond this should they be willing to face all of life openly and honestly. For more information on THE KEY… click here


THE KEY unlocks the doorway to feelings. Life must be felt to be understood. The current mode of thought, whilst utilising fear to make choices about attaining and avoiding feelings, will do all it can to stop you feeling all of life, and will convince you that a complicated process of strategic thinking is necessary for survival. Once you learn to stop reacting and just try feeling, the transformation into a new world of thought can be quite fast and the antiquated process of strategic thinking and the rearranging of thought will be left behind, hence the need for years of unnecessary and destructive cognitive counselling will become obsolete. The issues are not the issue…the issue is learning how to feel.


Take the journey to acquiring THE KEY, walk through the doorway and enter a new realm of human thought which will one day lead to a world of no stress and no problems. A world of limitless possibilities unleashed by embracing L.E.T.

Owing to the complete nature of life transformation being offered, individual Life Expansion Training Sessions positions are limited, so David can offer the level of personalised service that is necessary to take a person into such a state of self discovery.

Contact David to secure a time and discover life. 

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