The Key

There is one issue on planet earth that holds within it the KEY to creating peace on earth…

Peace on earth?

People have been talking of such things for a long time now. And it would appear that it is just not possible, and that we have no ability to truly unite. It appears to not be possible because it is not – it only exits in our imagination, which is our ability to think beyond fears parameters but not our ability to live beyond them.

“Human beings fight with each other and control each other out of fear of each other” …David Coles

But what if there was no fear, and what if there was an energy more powerful than fear. And if there was such a thing, what is it, and how would life look – let alone how would we get to such a place of existence.

Without fear we would transcend beyond the primitive pathways of evolution that they have for so long been functioning within, and yes it is possible, and THE KEY will unlock the doorway to this new world of human existence.

The key has within it many persuasive and compelling qualities, evidence, possibilities, unknown realities and truths about life… including;

  • It will free any individual into an expansive state of existence…permanently – with the right guidance!
  • It is the greatest social issue to have ever existed on this planet via the expression of human functioning.
  • It is the most avoided topic ever in the history of humanity.
  • It is the most important topic to address ever in the history of humanity.
  • It is surrounded with the greatest lies ever created and shared through the generations.
  • It exposes every single aspect of human behaviour that keeps people trapped in a limited experience of life.
  • It is the most complete example of The Insanity of Humanity.
  • It is the most emotionally charged topic on planet earth.
  • It is the most defended topic on the planet.
  • It collectively supplies more pleasure to the human species than anything else.
  • It displays the most abusive behaviour imaginable.
  • It will change the fabric of human existence forever.
  • It will unleash consciousness into a pure state of awareness.
  • It will unite humanity once and for all.

NOTHING will change your life more than facing THE KEY….nothing! This is not a prediction, this is real.

The topic within which this information is shared contains the most powerful and life exposing secret that one could ever imagine – nothing can create the effect of what you are about to see, read and hear.

HOWEVER, there are a few paths that need to be explored before this crucial information can be utilised in creating a permanently expansive existence.

  • Firstly, learn to understand L.E.T to a reasonable degree, and attend at least one personal counselling session – and if possible explore one seminar and workshop.
  • Secondly, it is essential to read The Insanity of Humanity as it contains information that lays the foundation for absorbing all that will be shared once THE KEY opens the door to the truth.

This journey is the KEY to everything. This is the final piece to the puzzle in life. Once you have felt this in an expansive and aware state, you have faced everything. As once this is understood the processes of thought that contains consciousness are exposed and can be applied to every other aspect of life.

The most important thing a person can remember once the key is handed over, is to not problem solve what is explored, just feel it. Problem solving is the journey of selective feeling and editing life – it is the world of retraction. Expansion of life requires feeling all of life which means not selecting pathways to walk down and just walk without ever looking back – the effects are amazing but the controls that stop this from happening are very strong. So do not react… JUST FEEL. Then THE KEY will take effect and an expansive life becomes real. Final point…the issue being explored is the only issue on this planet that has within it the ability to create the possibility of complete expansion beyond fear, however, do not get lost in the issue…once faced then let it go, as it was never about the issue, it was about learning how to feel. Then the issue will no longer exist on this planet if we untie in Life Expansion.


Contact David to find out if you are ready to have THE KEY.

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