Can L.E.T. be effective when skyping?

Absolutely it can.

LIFE GUIDANCE on Skype is an exciting opportunity, for any person, from anywhere on this planet, to be able to learn L.E.T. from the comfort of there own home, a cafe, a friends place, their work, or anywhere for that matter – whether that be from a hotel in Dubai, an apartment in New York, an office in London, or sitting on top of a mountain – connect to the internet and let the journey of discover begin.

The possibilities for exploring L.E.T are boundless…

David has been able to transform peoples lives via this remarkable medium for life expansion and guidance. Having worked in many countries and locations around the world, David quickly discovered the need to offer L.E.T. globally –  geographical location presents no obstacle as long a person has access to a computer, the internet, a Skype account, a microphone, and ideally a computer video camera. Skype L.E.T. sessions are also ideal for clients that are away on business trips and holidays.

However, if no camera is available, and even if no internet is connected, David has still conducted very productive, supportive and life enhancing sessions on the telephone. Advanced communication technology is available to more people around the planet than ever before, so David shares L.E.T. worldwide in these exciting times of rapid technological development.

L.E.T. easily transfers through our modern world of information sharing. So everything that applies to individual face to face guidance applies here.

Additional Support

David will also assist in the process of finding an “on the ground” person for back up and emergencies(someone in your own city). If required David will work hand in hand with the other counsellor to ensure that you have united support in the development of your life expansive journey. David will not compromise his integrity or yours in finding the “right” person, should they be available, or exist at all. Having said all this….you may find the Skype counselling more than adequate as many people have before. So the suggestion would be to do at least 5 Life Guidance sessions first before exploring this extended process discussed.

Contact David to discuss how to dissolve distance and learn Life Expansion Technique from anywhere in the world.

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