Seminars and workshops will be held periodically by David…

They are a stimulating, challenging, educational, interactive and a safe way to begin the journey of understanding one of the most revolutionary approaches to Life Guidance.  L.E.T. will be explored via many topics including the following;

  • The problem Solving Mind as the creator of all stress
  • Anxiety, Depression and the pathway beyond
  • Relationships, communication and connecting with life
  • Compassion and Altruism
  • The mind-body connection
  • Spirituality and how this connects with reality
  • The future of humanity and our place within it

Special Events

Special events may include notifications of David being interviewed on television or radio, or any other events out of the ordinary.

Stay tuned for updates on dates/times/locations of upcoming workshops and seminars – subscribe to this website and receive notifications via email. Suggestions are welcome if people have specific needs that require exploration in group or workshop environments.

To contact David so you can join in on an exciting and shared voyage of discovery, email him at

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