Stress and L.E.T.

Stress is something every person, in fact every sentient being experiences.

“Anyone at anytime can learn to rise above the pressures of life’s challenges, and find the peace in the essence of their being – a place of permanency that stress cannot influence, distort or control”…  David Coles

It is the basis of the energy that is used to guide thought and the survival processes of life. Stress, in its many different disguises, creates the building blocks for the development of all psychological disorders. The whole reason people experience these disorders in the first place, is because the true nature of stress and its purpose in a persons life, is still misunderstood in the main, hence it is a very important topic to explore and expand ones awareness of.

Stress is an energy that creates a clearly identifiable system of thought, such that human behaviour can be observed, understood and even forecast with reasonable accuracy. As all living creatures share this common thread as to how they function, life can be seen as a united entity that also has a definable and predictable programmed pathway – and the analysis of history, and life as it unfolds, is evidence to this. So to understand stress actually affords an understanding of life itself and a persons experience within this.

Whether a person is feeling stressed or not, this energy is permanently present within their reality, hence why it can be brought to life so quickly and easily. It is this energy that is creating a persons reality, defining their experience of life and building a response in reaction to all they encounter. The human mind relies on an intertwined web of thoughts(a persons life story), to define its existence, and it is stress, otherwise known as fear or pain, that creates this construct of beliefs. This building process is in motion from the time a person is born, and as a person matures, the growth aspect of this process slows down and becomes more about maintenance and defense – and it is at this point that the effects of stress become most apparent.

Stress is first felt when the mind absorbs information that it does not know how to completely comprehend. And depending on the degree as to how this information effects a persons projected vision of their life, and how much it challenges their existing concepts of self(which is in fact the persons past), will determine the severity of how this stress is felt and what transpires in terms of the building of thoughts from this point on.

It has been said that some stress is healthy and other types are unhealthy – it is in fact all the same thing, and it is how a person reacts to it that determines how one sees it or experiences it. Stress therefore can be observed at all times, as it allows for the mind to create a distinction between one thing and another, and this is a constant process that the mind goes through on its decision making journey. This is the journey of problem solving – great for creating new technology or finding success in a competitive sense, but completely inappropriate for travelling to an empowered state of inner peace, wisdom, strength and expansive expression of being.

The mind in a state of stress is always trying to determine what is a threat or an enhancement to its existence, hence it will never find peace as this is an insatiable quest – and with time, life becomes more about avoiding threats than creating enhancements, and this is because hope fades as time transpires. Of course the human program, that we are all within, aids in the process of how stress creates such decisions, so they work in harmony together as a united team with one common purpose – that ultimately being survival. It is this process that also creates the edited reality that people experience as a stress based system of life is primarily concerned in the survival of self, rather than the journey of expanding self towards an altruistic state.

When 6 billion people on one planet function in a stress based problem solving and survival focused manner, it is not hard to see why the human species is facing psychological meltdown, and hence why no matter what they do, their ever decreasing space of thought to feel and exist in, is making it harder to stop this pathway of destruction. Whether that be on a personal level, or on a united level as a species.

In regards to an individuals life, it is essential to recognise that the greater the level of the stress being experienced, the more a persons reality will contract in order to make focused decisions about a perceived threat, or source of pleasure. So rather than continuing to focus on this present reality that is creating the feelings that a person is attempting not to feel, just understand it and be aware of it, but do not try to fix it – as that is problem solving. Having said that, a person can not embark on a Life Expansion journey until they can truly face and see their existing location within concept and hence move beyond it. Once awareness is created and the truth is felt, their is no need for analysis of a persons life story, or the drama’s that are holding their life at ransom.

David, whilst utilising L.E.T. is able to grab what is, whatever that is, and teach a person how to expand from there, hence the rehashing of a persons pain for the purpose of re-framing it in a more positive light, becomes an obsolete objective. So a person can let go of the fear of facing what they have for so long avoided, as they are not that pain in the first place. They can now see their life story without identifying with it, hence in this state of observation, they are free of the pain that was once the creator of the psychological prison in their mind. At this point Life Expansion takes hold and from here there is no looking back…the true journey of a persons existence has been ignited.

To understand stress and learn how to utilise it so you can empower your existence, take a leap of faith and contact David to arrange for a consultation.

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