Problem Solving Vs L.E.T.

The slow and antiquated alternative to L.E.T. is Problem Solving.

Problem solving is the existing mode of thought that most people currently think in, a mode that uses fear as its guide, hence creating a narrow window through which to observe and understand life. Problem solving focuses on specific issues at the expense of all information not pertaining to its objectives of control and desire, so it creates an edited reality and not an expansive one.

“Problem solving is a mechanical process of thought that has created our world of technology, and that same technology is now destroying individual expression of consciousness – and it is this which we must free ourselves from” … David Coles

The Problem-Solving Mind is the name David has given to the human mind when functioning in a problem solving mode – and this is what most people are experiencing life within. So a persons mind in such a state finds solutions to life by analysing all of the information that it receives in the now, cross-referencing this information with past knowledge and then projecting a pathway of thinking for it to walk into the future. And it is in the future that it spends most of its normal functioning – this is why so many people feel stressed and anxious.

The Problem-Solving Mind’s analytical abilities are primarily focused on trying to create a clear and accurate picture of the entirety of its existence for the purpose of its own survival. These parameters encompass all aspects of life and the external world. This includes the vehicle in which it is housed (the human body), Conscious Energy, a persons personality, their emotions and all of the information that it receives via its access to the bodies five senses. The Problem-Solving Mind is trapped in an insatiable and unsolvable quest to understand its own existence and all that it experiences, so it is always scared, insecure and confused, which means a person, if they think they are the Problem Solving Mind, ends up trapped in these same feelings.

The above mentioned feelings being explored, encompass the following key human qualities that have guaranteed human survival to this point in time; competitive, inquisitive, suspicious, manipulative, controlling, selfish and destructive. The underlying reality of peoples subconscious world functions within the nature of the above mentioned words. The Problem-Solving Mind tries to disguise these qualities by presenting a face of love, compassion, empathy, sympathy, and integrity.

These two divergent realities that exist at the same time within everyone’s minds, lead to a distorted, confusing, twisted and potentially dark underworld of thought. People try to protect and hide this world at all costs unless they have the power to expose these qualities without fear of repercussion.

These realities (in regard to the inner workings of the Problem-Solving Mind) have always been of this nature, hence in no way am I saying that they are wrong. In fact without them it would be reasonable to suggest that we as a species would not have survived to this point in time. So from that point of view they are actually wonderful qualities. But in acknowledgement of that does not mean we should not be open to exploring beyond such things, particularly in light of the fact that these same traits are creating all the ‘problems’ we are trying to fix in this world – we are trying to fix them whilst these qualities are still too dominant in our being, and hence creating an an ongoing and ever increasing cycle of self destruction. This rather strange but amazing journey the human species has travelled, is now recieving its wake up call from life that it is time to change, as we no longer need to think, feel and react as we currently do, and always have for that matter. In fact we have no choice, as this existing journey is reaching the end of its road, and it is only in a no choice state that truth can be seen anyway – so it is all on track from that point of view.

L.E.T. opens the door to a new world of thought beyond pre-existing human thought…so lets keep exploring and expanding without resisting!

Have we yet recognised the wake up call? Not quite is the simple answer, well at least in terms of how we are responding. Meaning we still are problem solving in our response. So there is a recognition that the ship is sinking but a level of denial still prevails – which is completely understandable as we are also built to defend our reality whether it be perceived as healthy or not.

“Human beings are facing two very clear possibilities as to whether they place their future in the hands of technology, which is in effect problem solving, or in the hands of expansive thought, which is in effect unleashed consciousness. The former will create a sterile unfeeling world, and the latter an infinite world of freedom and experiences without controls – all guided by wisdom and compassion”… David Coles

As civilisation progresses, the outer face of integrity grows in its presentation as it attempts to protect the evolving state of dissatisfaction with life that is manifesting. This process is being accelerated because of the increasing controls being implemented by societies on every individual. And these controls are accelerating in alignment with technological advancement.

The worse things are getting on this planet the more people are trying to hide the disturbance that problem solving is creating, by making out that everything is in fact improving – and technology certainly makes it look this way. So in our desperation to feel good we are not really looking at life from an unedited space of thought, hence one of the most misunderstood and disconcerting aspects of human existence, is that what people are experiencing is not yet life itself – meaning that they are experiencing a version of life within a conceptual space. And it is in a persons lack of awareness of this as to why they try to control life, as they always feel disconnected from it. However, in the main people think that what they are are experiencing and feeling is the truth of life, hence this is the beginning and core root of where the sensations of disturbance start. This erroneous conclusion about the nature of our experiences, leads to the process of enforcing a version of life onto life itself that will never completely fit. Then nothing ever quite makes sense…

“The Problem-Solving Mind is so concerned with the past and future that it can’t find what it is looking for in the now”…   David Coles

A reasonable and simple analogy would be to say that the Problem-Solving Mind is trying to put a square peg into a round hole. The outcome of this will leave it even more confused than it was in the beginning, because it takes pride in being right and does not like to concede to being wrong. This makes the Problem-Solving Mind continue to force itself on a situation where there is no fit, under the mistaken belief that eventually it will succeed. Or, it might redirect its attention elsewhere towards a different situation, which will effectively end up creating the same scenario in a different disguise. Either way, the Problem-Solving Mind once again believes that life created the problem, not it, hence justifying its actions and the disastrous consequences they so often create…

Put simply: problem solving creates more problems, and the evidence of this is becoming so clear because of the massive number of people living on this one small planet – hence why the quantity of people with depression and anxiety, for example, is continually rising proportionately to the increase in population. L.E.T. on the other hand creates an existence where there are no problems – just the truth of what is, the truth of you and the interaction between the two. And for any individual looking to grow beyond the fear that is disabling their life, it is essential to at least recognise that they are not alone or wrong in any way whatsoever – they are experiencing what needs to be felt to embrace L.E.T in the first place. In that sense, see having ‘psychological problems’ as a pathway to the door of freedom, rather than another problem that needs solving.

Please watch this video to explore this crucial topic further…

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