Life Expansion Technique (L.E.T)

L.E.T (Life Expansion Technique) is a revolutionary and specifically designed process of learning that expands peoples existing realm of thought, hence allowing for a greater ability to think, feel and handle life’s challenges. It teaches people how to live in a permanently expansive state of thought, where they are constantly absorbing new wisdom and awareness. It therefore teaches people how to exist without rigid belief structures that require enormous amounts of mental and emotional energy to maintain. People do not need to believe in something for it to exist, and once an experience of something is felt and understood, a person is free to keep exploring beyond that experience, hence creating an ever-expanding reality. In this state of expansiveness life does not need defending, as it is only beliefs that people defend, and this enables a person to move beyond a fear based survival mode. A person cannot expand and be defending themselves at the same time – simply not possible. Also, any time a person is defending their reality they are caught in a stagnant state, not a growth state – even though it feels like they are doing something important, they are in fact just building a psychological prison. This process is only ‘important’ if fears ability to maintain control over consciousness is seen as a priority, which of course is completely contrary to creating a free space for thoughts, emotions and the essence of a persons being to exist in.

L.E.T. is the beginning of a new revolution in human thought, and it will, if embraced, lead to the end of all painful psychological conditions, and the end of all the adverse destruction and cruelty inflicted upon this planet – between human beings and towards other species. And the beautiful and exciting aspect to all this, is that this possibility is alive today throughout the various avenues of learning offered by David Coles.

It is founded on the notion that the bigger the realm of a persons reality (The Construct – interconnected beliefs and notions re self and life) the more capable they become of feeling life and therefore understanding life. And as they feel more, their reality now has more expansive energy to utilise, hence allowing for further more expansive thinking. It is a cycle of life that feeds off itself and eventually becomes a natural place to exist, think and feel in. The opposite scenario exists when fear is the dominant force in a persons mind. The greater the strength of fear, the smaller a persons reality becomes and the more painful life experiences become, hence life is avoided or controlled, which becomes a cycle of retraction and destruction.

“The key to life expansion is to push consciousness forward beyond the Construct” …  David Coles

So emotions can either be used by fear or by conscious awareness. L.E.T. teaches a person how to utilise the powerful energy we know as emotions in a conscious state. Emotions are like waves of energy, and they all have the potential to propel a person beyond the powerful ‘gravity like’ pull of fear. When an experience or emotion gets too big, a persons survival response tells them not to venture out so far into their conceptual world and creates emotions to convince them to retreat back into previously known realms – the world of beliefs. Of course these realms are falsely identified safe havens, and once a person learns how to keep riding emotions beyond these false lures, they discover a world of limitless possibilities. In this state they become free of restrictive thoughts, hence now using emotions to think expansively, which makes the traditional and restrictive world of belief structures obsolete.

So look at emotions as a special type of rocket fuel that can take a person to the outer reaches of space. The key is to learn how to use them and where to put that fuel. Use it incorrectly and they have the opposite effect and a person will free fall back down to earth with a big thud – hence the insane cycle of ups and downs that everybody experiences.

The bigger your reality the greater the space of thought, therefore there is also more room for awareness, intelligence, wisdom, and the ability to see and feel what has never before been experienced. Everybody craves experiences, that is obvious, and the great thing about L.E.T. is that it teaches the conceptual “astronaut” of the mind, how to have amazing experiences without needing any external enhancement beyond what life is already presenting. And this immediately takes away fear’s power over a person’s existence. Fear can only control us when we get lost in conceptual and distorted ideas about the past and the future, hence again the need to face life and feel all of life as it is – not as we want it to be.

All you need is you, life and the willingness to explore. That’s it!

Is there a catch 22 in all this?

Not really, although it may feel like that. Meaning, when unguided, the more a person reaches out to feel, the more they can potentially get hurt, particularly when things don’t go their way. Hence over time they learn to retract from life and start trying to manipulate their experiences to avoid the pain of previous unfulfilled experiences. This is all created from narrow fear based problem solving thinking, and once you get a taste of life beyond such things there is no turning back, and life becomes an only looking forward journey, irrespective of how it turns out, all founded on completely embracing all that is today.

Look at the past as what we know and everything else as the unknown. Once you get comfortable with the unknown, the desire to explore further becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy of adventure and excitement, all injected with truth, compassion and wisdom. This may sound odd, but as soon as you know something, it becomes the past, hence why one must never hold onto any thoughts, feelings or moments of awareness… and only L.E.T. can ensure that this will not happen.

“In an expansive state of existence the future becomes the now, the now becomes the past and the past becomes nothing more than a storage bank of memories to savor what was”…   David Coles

In such an extremely aware place, there is no more anxiety over the future and no more depression about the past. When a person is living in an expansive state, life is never edited nor defended. For to edit or defend, means standing still in conceptual space whilst life keeps traveling beyond that point in time, leaving a person lost in the maze of their own thoughts, not reality.

Why is L.E.T. so effective?

Because it is founded on truth, not perception, hence there is nothing to control and therefore fear has no home to reside in. L.E.T is about understanding life and creating a journey beyond concept, so there is no you to figure out, as you already exist. It is life that is misunderstood, so it is not about learning how to feel good in concept, which requires manipulating concept. Look at concept as a process of thought, the space ship if you like, that can use emotion, the fuel, to explore into the outer reaches of the human experience. So L.E.T. teaches a person how to keep concept in a free space that is forever growing and changing in alignment with the truth of what is discovered and experienced. And this is in no way disturbing once a person recognises the consistency of self, the unchangeable and solid aspect to a person’s being. Then no experiences create disturbance as they are not a reflection of a persons essence, but rather providing more information to understand the space within which a person exists – that being life and the dimension it is expressed within.

LET this new revolution in thought inspire your awareness and allow you to find freedom beyond psychological pain… expand your mind and contact David 

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