Relationship Guidance

Relationships are crucial in a person’s life…

They are potentially the most expansive aspect of a person’s life outside of understanding self. So give them the time they deserve. However, to do justice to relationship guidance the people involved must be prepared to engage in at least a few individual sessions as well.

Relationships encompass many different aspects of life, including a persons relationship with other people, animals, nature, life itself, inanimate objects, and also their own mind. The main focus in this discussion will be the relationship with a partner, whatever the sexual orientation of the people involved.

David has helped many partners resolve their seemingly unsolvable conflict. The outcome of this may look very different than imagined, but it will be the truth of the situation that will be exposed, embraced and embodied into the ongoing journey of the individuals lives involved, whether they remain together or not. That is not for David to decide or advice on.

Personal relationships are rich with possibilities and open up windows of exploration into experiences that cannot be found in isolation. But to find this depth of infinite and exciting possibilities, both parties need to be prepared to expand their individual realities and utilise L.E.T. to enable the connection to be possible. People living in edited realities cannot connect with each other in any real way, other than to find areas of common needs, beliefs or interests – but these will all eventually be consumed by fear, and then the differences between them is all they will see. Hence the relationship will decay, and they will either stay together out of fear, try to hurt each other in some shape or form, or leave each other and fall into another deluded relationship founded on the same lack of understanding and falsely placed connections.

David is very experienced in this area, both in a professional and personal sense.

To learn how to experience rewarding and expansive relationships… contact David.

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