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Finding the right Life Guide is the key…

It can be like finding a support system to aid in nearly every aspect of a persons life. Everything we have created in the societies that we live in is a consequence of human behaviour, so individual counselling is a persons opportunity to greatly enhance their interaction with all they encounter. A person can learn to improve their connection with family, partners, friends, nature, hobbies, work, in fact anything a person is doing can be felt more and understood more, hence the experience of all things can be expanded enormously. And most importantly, a person can improve their connection with their own mind and the energies that live within it. This creates the possibility to unleash the essence of ones being, which literally transforms the journey of life from a reactive experience to a creative adventure of discovery.

Individual guidance…

creates an environment that is personal, safe, educational, supportive, stimulating, challenging, exciting, inspiring, strong, and founded with wisdom and integrity. This combination allows for the mind to be able to explore beyond where it normally travels, hence allowing a person to see and feel what is normally not exposed. There is more to life than most people realise or have ever had the opportunity to experience. And it is in these outer reaches of thought that freedom from psychologically disabling sensations is found. And once these normal thought challenges are mastered, a person is free to really start the journey of personal exploration into an altruistic state of heightened intellectual ability – and it is only when a person learns to exist beyond their limited concept of self that they can experience altruism and all the truth that it affords.

A person seeing a Life Guide should utilise this opportunity to cleanse their minds of any unresolved pain. Quite often this can be done without overly examining or re-examining a persons life experiences, by putting more energy into expanding thought beyond what already exists in the mind. The key is finding a guide that a person can trust, so the this person is free to guide the individual until they can function from a more empowered state. And it takes a highly gifted and skilled counsellor to able to see what it is that is holding a person captive. Once the counsellor has identified such things, then it is up to the client to embrace the challenge and never waste time defending what already exists, as that is what is creating the problem for which a person is seeking assistance for in the first place.

Allowing a guide to expand journey out of the maize of disturbed thoughts created by fear and pain, is not the handing over of ones existence, but rather the empowerment of it.

Every single person on the planet has thoughts and corresponding emotions that are limiting their ability to feel. And life cannot be understood until it is felt. And life can only be felt without distortion once L.E.T. is understood, practiced and applied – until it becomes a normal part of a persons functioning. Individual guidance is the best environment to get the appropriate education, guidance, motivation and support to facilitate this amazing process until a person becomes equipped to grab the helm of the ship…which is their life.

NOTE: If you desire to be a lawyer you go to law school, if you desire to be a doctor you go to medical school, if you desire to be an actor you go to acting school – and then many years of practice are implemented in the real world in order to develop these skills. Most people would not argue with this as being necessary, whether formal education is required or not, as you must learn somewhere and somehow. Yet interestingly, when it comes to the most important topic in life, that being the understanding and mastering of the most complicated and capable piece of machinery in the known universe, we bypass the appropriate training and development of skills, and still expect our lives to give us what we want. Of course I am talking about the human mind – and it is in understanding this organic and sophisticated device that can transport a person around the infinite possibilities of the conceptual realm and beyond – and you can learn to be at the helm of this remarkable world of experiences. So take the time, devote the energy and make this journey of learning, via intelligent guidance, the ultimate priority in your life, as this is the key to unleashing anything and everything.


is for people that are ready to put their life and the understanding of it as top priority. Whether that be because life has gotten so disturbing that increased levels of help have become a necessity, or because a person has found the realisation that life without truth is pointless anyway, or because they are ready to truly explode into the world in an enhanced mode of awareness, intelligence and limitless creativity. Mentoring involves are far more extensive involvement from David than regular Guidance. In this instance David will get more involved in every part of the clients life to help create a powerful leap forward in awareness and inner strength. This may include David accompanying the client on many of their ‘normal’ day to day activities, so they can learn more about life and themselves within it at every opportunity. This could include anything from social events through to work requirements – it is like having a constant support system and education at a persons finger tips. It is obviously more expensive but well worth every cent if one values their existence enough. This intense and fast track program of learning can actually be surprisingly relaxing, as a connection of trust is established very quickly. Obviously David can only take on a few people in this role at any one time. Once true strength is established in an expansive state, most clients go back to normal  interaction with David, and call in for more intensity when required.

For anyone to pursue this pathway with him, they must be ready to look at every aspect of life and their existence – nothing can be left untouched. He must have the freedom to explore the unexplored and he must be given complete entry to their inner world in a state of all-encompassing trust. This exciting and high octane journey creates a reality that never needs defending, as the client will have understood their entire existence. This journey creates super hero’s! Interested?


Without effective negotiation skills dealing with many of life’s challenges can be overwhelming and leave a person extremely vulnerable to being taken advantage of. This is a vital role that David offers in the expansion of peoples lives, and he is a very experienced and a gifted negotiator/advisor. Negotiation is usually founded on both parties lying to each other whilst withholding what they are actually thinking. They do this out of fear of not getting what they want, hence they try to achieve their desired objective at the expensive of another. In this process they develop thoughts that contain less than pleasant outcomes for the opposing party. Of course the only winner is fears control over the situation, and therefore all parties become infected with the negativity that they have inadvertently absorbed, whether they get what they want or not.

With intelligent guidance, this game of deception can be steered to a place of expansive understanding and truth, whereby all hostility and the need for deception is dissolved. Deep down everybody craves peace and harmony and does not like conflict – David can use his advanced communication skills and understanding of human behaviour to assist the client in a multitude of situations, whereby only the truth will triumph, hence enabling all involved to move through negotiations whilst maintaining an expansive journey, self respect and respect for each other. Whether that be accompanying a client in discussions with lawyers, partners during marriage breakups, business deals, or in facing any challenging dynamic where strength, clarity and intelligence is required to maintain the integrity of the situation. Although David usually does not give advice re personal issues, in this situation he will be direct and help a person see the truth, so they can remain calm and bigger than any potentially disabling emotions. Let it be noted that David will not assist anyone towards creating selfish gain, only journeys towards expanding a persons existence are engaged – and this requires honesty and compassion to be present.

If it is important, then don’t go it alone…go with David.

Advisor/”On the ground”Counsellor recommendations…

Although David offers extensive guidance, support and L.E.T. training via Skype, he also will assit in finding the right on the ground person/counsellor/assistant in the city you live in – David will work in close contact with this person if required. For more information please contact David to discuss further.

If you need help with life then contact David to discuss your individual needs.

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