Depression is the fear of the past…

Just like anxiety, depression effects the way a person see’s everything. Same person, same life – totally different perception and therefore totally different thoughts and emotions. And this new perception is such that it is almost impossible to see anything clearly or with any sense of strength or confidence. It effectively sucks the life out of a person as their reality is shrinking around them, hence it has a suffocating or drowning feeling about it.

“Looking into the past whilst in the present, can hold a person captive within that memory if they are not in an expansive state of awareness at the time”…   David Coles

Depression can distort reality so much that a person can feel extremely lost, helpless and alone. This feeling of misery and isolation is obviously very distressing, which proceeds to enhance the notion that life is a problem. Then the feeling of life being a problem grows exponentially as one thinks this way, and the more unsolvable the problem feels the more consuming the depression becomes.

Also like anxiety, it is important to remember that depression starts somewhere and there was a time when a person was not depressed. It starts with a moment of stress, whereby the mind is resisting some aspect of an experience in life to which it can not find resolution. And if the topic is threatening enough to ones notion of life then it can grow into depression. This is a very important moment to find awareness in, so lets think about about the ramifications of this process in terms of moving out of depression. If it starts with a moment of resistance then this destructive process of thought can just as easily be stopped by a moment of not resisting life – however far you are into the depression.

The idea of just not resisting life, as being the answer to escaping depression, can seem almost ludicrous whilst depressed, particularly if a person has been thinking, feeling and creating ideas in this head-space for an extended period of time. Yet despite this perceived impossibility, be aware that it is possible at any moment.

Sometimes just reading something like this, and trusting what you read, can be the moment of release. The key with awareness, is to let it be just that, awareness. It does not need solving as awareness is clarity, but many people make the error of understanding something and then continuing to problem solve that thought. Now the open door once again closes, and often people don’t even see this happening, hence they stay convinced that depression is a state of hopelessness….because if you actually knew you could exit at any moment the depression would loose its grip instantly.

So despite what you may hear about depression, it is NOT a serious illness, and there is always a reason why. But the key is to forget the issue that started the process and get to know the process of thought that creates depression in the first place. If you focus on the issue it will more than likely get worse. Particularly if it is about something very important to you like the loss of someone you love… whether that be from death or the end of a relationship.

Depression can often be relieved in just one session and then all proceeding moments of reoccurring depression become easier to understand and conquer.

Depression is not a disease and you are not ill, so with strength and guidance David can guide you to a life beyond this disabling sensation. Act now and contact David.

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