Life Guidance for VEGANS & Activists!

To be Vegan or not to be Vegan is NOT the question!
For to be Vegan is not a choice.

Tofu and ChickpeaBeing Vegan can be a very challenging journey that usually arises out of a deep concern for the welfare of all sentient beings, hence it is not a choice, or a lifestyle, but rather a reality that people find themselves in by unleashing their compassion beyond self. It is often considered a “belief” or a “religion” and in the main is completely misunderstood by a society that condones the use of our fellow inhabitants on Earth for human pleasure, entertainment and consumption. Of course to become Vegan instantly puts a person into a minority seat whereby they feel as if they are outnumbered in a world where people in the main “appear” not to care about how they get what they want.

But do people care?

Can they feel beyond self?

Can we create a world where compassion is widespread and not selective?

David Coles says YES to all these questions and encourages people to expand their realities so they can be a leader in compassion not a victim of having too much.

Emotional support to deal with this rather beautiful and intriguing journey is therefore a must – a voyage of discovery that David Coles has successfully guided many people through and beyond, into an expansive state of awareness.

Support for Vegan’s is offered in many different ways…

  1. Life Guidance for Vegans that need help finding peace in the harsh reality they are feeling – which includes understanding ones own personal feelings so they can remain in an expansive state, and also understanding why this reality exists the way it does in the first place. One of the keys to entering this world of advanced awareness is to ensure that any previous accumulated life pain is not attached to and imbued within the experience of seeing suffering animals….so a cleansing of ones past is an essential aspect to this journey. Otherwise an un-cleansed mind can trigger an inappropriate response that will lead to nothing but the demise of that person and hence their journey into compassion is destroyed rather than enhanced.
  2. Life Guidance for people that have become “Vegan” in their hearts but have not yet worked out how to live a healthy and happy Vegan life.
  3. Life Guidance for Vegans that are needing support and assistance in dealing with family members, work colleagues, or friends, that persist in defending the abuse of other living beings. This can be very challenging and one can learn how to approach such matters with unwavering strength and clarity.
  4. Life Guidance for people that are new to even thinking about animal welfare but are interested to learn and understand how this impacts on the entirety of their life.
  5. Life Guidance for Vegans Activists – this takes the journey of being Vegan to a whole new level and it is strongly recommended that anyone embarking on this journey attains a detailed knowledge of human behaviour and themselves in the midst of this apparently cruel expression of life we are all witnessing, once aware. This can only be attained via life Expansion Sessions.
  6. Life Guidance for people that are ready to go BEYOND VEGAN!

To learn how to find strength in this essential journey into compassion, please contact David.

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