Life Expansion beyond Self Injury

The desire to hurt oneself is a desire to understand life and to be understood within this life.

woman set freeSelf Harm is becoming more common as the societies we live in become more repressive. 8%of the Australian population (this equates to around 2 million people) have attempted to use self harm to deal with the challenges of the obscure and unrealistic demands of our modern world.

Self Injury is not a mystery, and it is easy to understand despite the fact that the medical and mental health industries seem to be dumfounded by this expression of life.

People that partake in Self Harm are often more intelligent, sensitive and aware than most people and hence they feel misunderstood and unseen. They therefore must resort to extreme measures to deal with life.

A journey into Life Expansion Technique will not only shine light of purity on this issue, it will also create a powerful journey of strength and clarity.

An episode of 60 minutes called “The Hidden Epidemic” explored the topic of self injury, and although they were unable to offer any clear answers or explanations as to why self injury occurs, it is  still an interesting show for people to watch that are either partaking in such behaviour, or have a friend or family member that is physically harming themselves.

Self harm is an  external and physical expression of repressed internal psychological pain. Pain that can be easily released once understood and set free within an expansive pathway of thoughts an emotions.

Discover freedom beyond Self Harm and contact David for a initial conversation.

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