L.E.T. for Counsellors

Life Guidance for Counsellors is an essential process of learning… David offers help and guidance to the counselling industry both in a mentoring role and that of an educator. Both roles actually work in direct harmony with each other.

Counsellors need help and support with emotional issues like any other person on the planet. They also need help to improve their skills as a counsellor, so David’s guidance can incorporate one on one training, seminars, workshops, and also accompanying counsellors during sessions to help them directly with their difficult clients.

Counselling is possibly one of the most challenging and highly skilled jobs on the planet – presuming it is done properly. And this is because the human mind and all that it creates is extremely complicated, and to this day misunderstood, hence why psychological disorders are appearing in disguises never seen before, and in numbers never experienced before.

So if a counsellor is genuine in the journey of helping others to an expansive state of compassionate awareness, then they will first expand their own reality so it is bigger than any of their clients perceived problems. And counselling itself will not create this dynamic, hence a counsellor needs to find a human behaviour expert that has expanded further than they have.

David can teach “counselling” to counsellors in a way that many would never have thought possible. This intense training is essential, exciting and rich with understanding on the experience known as life.

If you desire to be a counsellor that can truly transform peoples lives, then contact David to discover a new realm of human guidance.

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