Guidance for families affected by Cancer

Families effected by any kind of life threatening situation need high levels of support…this is a very personal topic and it will be discussed in detail in private with anyone interested to explore further.

rainy-love-romance-bridgeDavid has had many years of experience in understanding cancer, a potentially life disabling condition. It effects not only the person with the cancer, but also every person personally connected – so its effects are widespread and potentially devastating for all involved.

L.E.T. is highly recommended for anyone in this situation. David can help the whole family and friends, or guide the person with cancer to the healthiest mental and spiritual space possible. One of the equally important roles David can offer in this dynamic, is to help the carers how to be fearless in the face of what the patient is enduring, as this is often where the weak links develop as time progresses – the last thing a person in suffering needs, is to see others psychologically crumbling around them.

An expansive state of being with unleashed compassion allows for the greatest level of healing possible.

David guides and supports people of all ages and also families facing any kind of challenging situation that rivals the pressures created by cancer.

Contact David to arrange for a no obligation and free discussion.

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