Anxiety is the fear of the future…

Anxiety is a very powerful and disabling experience, that if not understood, will increase in intensity over time and it will attach itself to a multiple of situations if left unchecked. If anxiety spreads too far within the conceptual world, it can completely immobilise a persons life whereby they cannot even leave their home. So anxiety, in simple terms, is a fear of something, and in extreme circumstances, a fear of everything. And it is because our minds learn by association that it can spread so easily. When in an anxious state, all of life feels completely different and every thought has a different intent. It is a world of its own and yet still within the known world of how a person would normally experience life. But the “normal” world, albeit still visible, seems impossible to revisit.

The temptation when experiencing anxiety, is to go deeper into this space of thought in order to find a solution to the perceived problem/s. It almost calls a person inward, as if to walk outside of this small space of thought is more dangerous. Which is amazing when you think about it. Anxiety is so overwhelming that even our known world seems like the wrong place to be. Of course this is not the case, as in reality fear/anxiety is only felt when within a small space of thought, and the only way to stop it, is to expand ones reality by not seeing anything as a problem. Then once free of this survival response, a person can re look at the issue that caused such great concern for the mind.

Take anxiety seriously as a topic to explore, but do not take it seriously when experiencing it, or it will just take a person over completely. It can even lead to sensations that, in extreme situations, can feel similar to having a heart attack – so it is a very important process of thought to understand, as a person can learn, once L.E.T is applied, to almost never allow this extreme and disturbing survival response to occur.

The feeling of anxiety is extremely unpleasant and nature intended it to be this way to ensure an immediate response from the person experiencing it. In a more natural world, anxiety would only be felt when a real danger is present, hence very effective as it is quite often connected to a release of adrenalin – the prefect fuel for physical action. However in today’s world, where so much of the information we absorb comes from second hand information sourced from television or the internet, people are experiencing anxiety quite inappropriately. Also, people already exist in an edited conceptual reality, and now this reality is being constructed with diluted and unreliable information – hence internal confusion and conditions like anxiety are becoming more common as our societies become more complex and removed from ‘real’ experiences.

To compound the ‘problem’, societies laws and systems of law enforcement are increasing their power over the individual, so this puts people in an ever increasing weakened state, as they are told what to do rather than being taught how to develop wisdom – hence societies solution is actually feeding the supposed problem. Also our government leaders do not address the key issues about the status of human mental stress and the undesirable behavior that this creates, so they are leading us away from truth in a state of denial and just feeding the pathway of fear by focusing on issues like terrorism and global warming. But it is only the growing power of fear that is creating these issues in the first place. And to top it all off, the media keeps pounding peoples minds with fear based drama stories that have no clear explanation or wisdom attached to these messages. And then whilst people are so lost and confused, business feeds this weakened state with endless offerings of new products in the disguise of something that will make people happy – of course it has the complete opposite effect as it feeds human obsession, greed and wanting.

The end result of all this is a world of ever increasing anxiety.

So it is up to the individual to empower themselves, and find the strength to face this topic from within, and then powerfully project out with awareness beyond the small space that is attempting to contain their reality. Otherwise a person will be relying on medication, and although it does relieve the symptoms, it does not address the cause, hence anxiety will keep reoccurring. So lets keep exploring the cause, as the more you understand what anxiety is and how it is created, the more you will be able to rise above it.

Anxiety is directly connected to stress as it evolves from the same pathways of thought. The original stress that a person feels in response to information that it receives or creates, continues to grow into such a state, whereby the mind can no longer cope with the nature of this information and what it represents, hence it creates anxiety. In this instance, the information is too overwhelming, and it creates what is more akin to fear than stress – in terms of how one experiences these sensations. The sensation of fear is a sign that the person thinks they may not be able to find an appropriate survival pathway to ensure either their security, or the attainment of a desire – hence the paralysing experience of anxiety occurs. And this is the mind giving the order to evacuate or hide from the perceived threat as quickly as possible – or maybe even go into a stealth mode in order not to be seen or recognised for being in such a state. If none of the above feel possible then the anxiety can grow into a panic attack. Also, if the desire for something is so great, a person may continue to pursue such things in the face of this anxiety, which of course will normally create more anxiety until that person ends up living in a permanently anxious state – and this is very common in today’s world of high demands, expectations and unrealistic desires.

Anxiety can occur from a thought in the mind and does not require a “real” and immediate threat for this process to come to life within a persons reality. So in an awareness of this, a person can learn to relax in the face of their anxiety, as all fear, irrespective of the source of its creation, is coming from misunderstanding what a person is experiencing. In fact, what is not understood, when in an expansive state, actually becomes stimulating and exciting owing to the constant creation of new thoughts and feelings.

“Learning to rise above stress and anxiety is like free-falling without gravity.”   David Coles

It is also important to see that wanting and anxiety are also directly related concepts. Wanting has become equivalent to obsession in modern western societies, and it is a state of being where a person is always focused on outcomes rather than life itself. And this is because they are always dissatisfied, so the answers to finding happiness are perceived as being something that will be found in the future. So it is not surprising that people believe that If they attained something that they do not already have, then life will be more peaceful, secure and life will make more sense – or something of that nature. Hence they see wanting as a necessary mode of thinking in order to gain the control they need to take the pain away and to survive…

As the levels of fear in a persons life increases, their belief in the process of wanting also increases, so they therefore mistakenly attach ever-increasing levels of hope to wanting as a solution. This continues to feed the fear and so on it goes deeper into a state of anxiety. By becoming addicted to wanting a person has inadvertently become addicted to fear, which means that persons whole existence is an addiction of some kind.

To step out of anxiety is to stop wanting life to be a certain way and to stop creating a divergent concept between desired outcomes and thoughts of what might stop this outcome from occurring. Simply put: embrace life for what it is, and not for what you want it to be, and you will not experience anxiety. And in this instance you are not seeing life as a problem. No easy task, but it is much easier to attain this state of realism and purity when in a permanently expansive state of being, hence L.E.T. is the best technique for dissolving the powerful and overwhelming experience that we know as anxiety.

There is no need to let anxiety control your life, so contact David today, and discuss the journey towards a world of strength and courageous living.

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