Is it for me and what should I look for?

Life Guidance is for anyone, at any phase of their life.

Everyone feels stress and everyone has fear guiding their lives, hence everyone can expand their reality and hence improve their mental state, and the benefits of this are many…see Benefits of L.E.T.

There is a lot of social stigma around seeing a counsellor, or something similar, as if seeking help indicates there is something wrong with the person reaching out – many people therefore try to face the journey of life alone. So the first step is to completely push this erroneous conclusion to the side and embrace what it is really all about. In the truth, everyone has “psychological problems”, if that’s you want to call it, even though society is in denial of this fact, so feel courageous for making this wise step. For to share ones feelings is the key to learning how to feel beyond what it is that holds thoughts captive in a place of distorted pain. But this sharing, to be expansive, needs to be with someone who can expand their reality, and hence yours.

The most challenging aspect to deciding to see a Life Guide, is finding a guide that actually knows what they are doing. Like in any field of expertise, there are those that are frauds, those that are educated but not gifted, those that are gifted but not knowledgeable enough, and those that are gifted and highly skilled.

Now this is your life, not a car you are getting fixed, so invest the time to find the most gifted and highly skilled Life Guide available – this “decision”, and hopefully, “truth”, can be the difference between being thrown completely off track, through to finding someone that keeps you trapped in your pain, to finding someone to have nice chats with, to finding someone that instantly wants to medicate you, and finally, to finding someone that can guide you to a completely empowered, educated, wise and expansive state, whereby you are the creator of your reality and therefore not reliant on your Life Guide to continue your journey through life.

Anything but the last scenario is effectively a waste of your time and money.

Essential qualities that a Life Guide must have to be effective;

  1. Altruism
  2. Intelligence
  3. Wisdom
  4. Honesty
  5. Morality
  6. Maturity
  7. Strength
  8. Forthrightness
  9. Sensitivity
  10. Respectfulness
  11. Sympathy
  12. Compassion
  13. Life experience
  14. Awareness
  15. Articulateness
  16. Creativity
  17. Intuition
  18. Empathy
  19. Freethinking
  20. Evolved consciousness
  21. Advanced communication skills
  22. Expert in understanding fear
  23. Expert in expansive thinking

This may sound extreme, but so is understanding the human mind, life and the energies that guide it. So challenge your potential Life Guide, to see if they are the real deal – it is your life they are dealing with, so treat it with the respect it deserves.

How to utilise a Life Guide

A counsellor/therapist/Psychologist/LIFE GUIDE, has the potential to transform your existence to such a state of being that you will know more, feel more and think in a more complete manner than would otherwise be possible. So given that your Life Guide has the above mentioned qualities, then you are now a team and the Life Guide is now your trusted advisor. So do not put all the burden on yourself or on the counsellor…you are in this journey together. It is often proposed that the client must create the change, that they have the ultimate responsibility for change on their shoulders. But this is far from the truth. If one is engaging their counsellor in expansive and aware conversations, then awareness itself will create the change and you will soon see how your life will transform, without ever having to make a decision to change. This may sound strange, too easy, or at odds with what is normally put forth by the mental health industry, but it is a fact that once truth is absorbed, pain is set free, and ones existence is removed from destructive constraints.

So the most important thing you can do is to be completely honest, lay your life openly on the table and allow you and your Life Guide to look at what is happening without fear or judgement, but as stated above, find the Life Guide that is a master of his or her profession, or your honesty can be misunderstood and therefore misguided.

When working with David you will quickly find that L.E.T. will help to dissolve what was once perceived by you as a problem, and create a journey of discovery and inner strength.

Engaging a Life Guide can be the most rewarding decision a person can ever make in their life. To learn more about this exciting and soul enriching adventure contact David.

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