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Interactive talk radio is an exciting way to expand thought and share feelings!

David Coles hosted and produced a late night Talk Back Radio Show at fiveaa in the late 90’s. It was an extremely popular show attracting a huge volume of callers. It’s success was founded on creating conversations with a high level of openness, expansiveness and integrity, exploring many social and psychological issues. The handling of an interactive environment, and the need for fast thinking guidance, proved to be David’s forte. He was able to engage people from all types of backgrounds and opinions and created an atmosphere that encouraged free emotional expression and honesty. One of the key aspects to the success of this show was the contribution from men who shared much of their personal pain, hopes, desires and fears….and of course this was completely embraced and loved by all the female listeners.

The incredible insight into life, human behviour and society that this show afforded David, also lead him to seeing the importance of understanding human behaviour as the most crucial step in the journey of personal development and human evolution. One of David’s last interviews at fiveaa, was with the head Psychologist and owner, Alex Wolowski, of the Brighton Psychology Centre in Melbourne, Australia. After this interview, it was suggested to David by Alex, that David has a natural ability to communicate and understand life that would easily translate into the world of counselling, and he was soon offered a position to join the centre. After acquiring the relevant professional qualifications in counselling, David moved to Melbourne, and from here his life was completely transformed, as he had finally stepped into an arena that he was perfectly built for – that being counselling  – Alex mentored David in Psychology and counselling and supported him to unleash the skills that he shares with the world today.

So although David now primarily works as an L.E.T. practitioner, he sees the importance of combining his counselling and radio experience, offering an interactive environment for people to explore on a broader, shared and more public level. David has therefore decided to create his own internet radio show…he will be hosting shows on many topics to do with coping with life whereby people are invited to listen, or call in for advice and help  – their are no costs for this service and it is David’s attempt to offer L.E.T to a large number of people in an affordable and interactive environment. It is fine to remain anonymous and use any name you like when you call in – it is all about helping people to grow and face life with the courage and support we all need. If you are concerned at all about talking on air, then just enjoy the conversations until you feel ready to partake. Recordings of each show will be archived and therefore can be listened to at anytime, this way you can work through the topics covered at you own pace.

All subscribers to this website will be informed via email as to each new show topic that will be explored. If there is anything in particular that you would like to suggest for a show then email David with your ideas or areas of personal concern.

During his time as a professional Talkback Radio announcer, David interviewed many leading authors around the globe, his favorite being an extraordinary conversation with world renowned environmentalist David Suzuki. This interview was a big influence in David’s life, and it expanded his awareness in many regards re the effect that human existence is having on planet earth. This prompted David to look deeper into what that influence is and why humanity would continue to destroy their own home, each other and the animal kingdom – this blatant disrespect for life was not just coming out of nowhere, and David’s investigation into such matters was a key influence in the eventual development of L.E.T. David came to the realisation that people needed to think in a far more expansive way if they were to stop this pathway of destruction. And this can only happen within each and every individual, as no amount of new laws can solve such a problem – this is because laws, being a form of control, are held together with threats of physical reprisal for noncompliance. The more society puts power into the hands of the people that enforce the law, the more we will witness repression in the expression of life, as this will place people in a dis-empowered state. This effectively keeps people trapped in a child like state whereby no matter what age they are, or how much wisdom they have acquired, they are never given the respect to make intelligent and informed decisions on there own. So in many ways L.E.T. is the journey to maturity beyond social controls as much as anything else. And if we don’t mature then this is what will keep happening…

“Humanity is destroying life, to maintain life, for fear of facing life!” …  David Coles.

The incredible insight into life, human behviour and society that this radio show afforded David, also lead him to seeing the importance of understanding human behaviour as the most crucial step in the journey of personal development and human evolution.

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