Unleashing Human Compassion

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3 comments on “Unleashing Human Compassion
  1. Gypsy says:

    What a powerful statement about where humanity stands at this time. Are we are not only ALLOWING this holocaust involving animals but in the main, turning a blind eye so that the habits of years can be maintained? How many actually see that it is a holocaust? I wonder if the reason is that people deep down DO know that this is so very wrong and there is a fear of facing the magnitude of suffering that exists worldwide and the accompanying helplessness to do anything about it? Maybe it is simply about taking the line of least resistance that perpetuates the comfort zone of ignorance. As I hear the plea. “I don’t want to know” I ponder at why anyone would want to turn their back on the animals who would thrive under our care and love….as would we. This is a poignant video with some powerful truths being put forward. Thank you David and team.

  2. CQ says:

    Mega dittos to Gypsy.

    I love that sweet face of your co-driver dachshund, David! I’m picturing you lavishing him/her with hugs and kisses as soon as you park the car in your driveway! 🙂 And, if you were the adoptive parent of a chicken or turkey, I envision your feathered friend riding alongside you two — gazing with equal enjoyment out the open window and clucking happily in the breeze.

  3. Provoked says:

    Wonderfully informative discussions! It is such a critical subject isn’t it? Thanks for the opportunity to explore new ways to creatively expand our universe towards compassion and sustainability. Indeed our future demands that we do so if we’re to survive at all.

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