Interview with a Vegan!


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8 comments on “Interview with a Vegan!
  1. Olivia says:

    Superb questions and superb answers. Thank you, David and Anon Vegan. Love that T-shirt, too!

    As for Philip Wollen, his latest interview ( jibes with the thoughts you both share about the need for vegans of monetary means to become more public figures. He announces that he’s going to be bold, step into the fray, and help guide society’s conscience, perhaps through TV ads, toward sane, kind, just ways of seeing and treating animals. I, for one, can’t wait.

    Meanwhile, I hope this wonderful “Trust 618 Dept.” interviewee gets lots of exposure — not just in one lady’s camera lens, but throughout Adelaide and beyond Australia’s shores.

    Blessings to you both.

    • Cheers and thanks for the words of encouragement. If we all support each other we can find the peace we all yearn for. If we expand our minds we can feel more and this soon becomes a self-propelled process of life. And when we feel more we understand life more and hence we have less anxiety and more strength – then we can express our truth as opposed to the fear based destruction of life that we are currently witnessing and feeling. The current mode of human thought is also self propelled, but on an inward spiral towards advanced psychological conditions that will cripple humanity and the individual within…things will get worse if we do not start facing what we have for so long avoided.

  2. Dil Siri says:

    inspiring story .. Luke makes difference in the world .. tks David for sharing .. Bless you both …..

    • We must inspire and not get lost in our anger for all the injustice we see and have personally experienced. The key lies within our minds, for if we find peace internally then we create peace externally, and the both start feeding of each other which is the essence of how L.E.T. works.

  3. indeep27 says:

    Such a good interview. If only everyone thought like you two

  4. Luke Weber says:

    Im glad to see that the interview you did with me went up, Thanks for the opportunity to say my piece David, was nice to meet you. Luke

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