essential learning for CHILDREN

essential learning for ALL…

One of the fundamental flaws that currently exists in child education is the manner in which we teach value systems – they are too inconsistent and misleading and lead to confusion and inappropriate acts of abuse disguised as “normal” behavior, dependent on the belief structures in which the child has been educated in. We expect our children to behave with decency and show respect towards life whilst we express major hypocrisy  in our own. For example we may teach a child to not hurt the pet dog and then say it is acceptable that other animals of equal intelligence and emotional capacity be abused, killed and even eaten – so what is that saying? Well think about this topic and listen to the recording, and then explore what inconsistencies exist in your own expression of life. For we cannot expect to find internal peace whilst expressing the justification of cruelty for personal satisfaction – simply not possible.

Audio Recording

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3 comments on “essential learning for CHILDREN
  1. animalfrnd2012 says:

    Great msg; especially mothers should listen to this, we can’t love one living being and eat another…it confuses the children, when we confuse them from the beginning, they become confused in everything they do to some degree, that’s part of why the whole world is so confused today…the foundation is corrupted and full of contradictions. If we call ourselves a civilized species, then its about time we act like one, and give rights to those who can’t speak or fight for their own lives. . thank you David for trying to make the world a better place. I wish we all can be united in one theme…if its not like this now..then lets create a new beginning.

    • You are so right. If we keep passing on this distorted and hypocritical learning from one generation to the next, then of course the corruption we see in human behaviour will continue to increase and grow, and leave each new generation more confused than the last….one day a generation will come along that will make a stand, say no to the lies, and demand honesty and compassion form the adults that created the world, that they not just messed up, but also continue to enforce ridiculous expectations of behaviour on. We lie to children and then demand honesty…it is so obvious how insane this is, and yet such an avoided topic. Thanks for your wisdom and awareness….this we can all share, and need more of, to create the healing of our minds that they so desperately need. We will only inflict pain on other humans and animals when we are suffering ourselves…in a peaceful space a person would never, for example, justify the killing of anything for pleasure. Human beings kill 58 billion, yes BILLION, land animals on this planet every year – and then still expect to find peace both internally and in the world they live. If you justify this slaughter of life then one should not be surprised what this will create in the human mind…do the maths! The society we live in is a reflection of our internal worlds…so we must be quite disturbed at present, hence why I have created such advanced techniques for healing the human mind…but first one must recognise that they need help.

  2. Dil Siri says:

    thanks for the prompt reply David ..we will support you in every possible way to carry your msg: i was born for this and i don’t see any diff: than what you see ,Bless you .

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