Freedom – is there such a thing?

“We can not ever be free until we feel the pain that awaits us in the truth of what we are, what we have become, what we create, and what we are experiencing inside and outside of self. And once felt without defence, without judgement and without our own story, we are now free to create the new world beyond this one. We are now able to give birth to life beyond our fear, and unite in a truth that will free us from the bondage of our own misunderstood pain”… David Coles


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One comment on “Freedom – is there such a thing?
  1. Seeing the truth of all this is not as difficult as it might sound…in fact it is quite simple when one stops looking at life through their own mask of desire, and just look at it. We can understand all we experience, but only when we stop editing reality to satisfy what we want.

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