Learn how to embrace, enhance and expand the journey of your existence from birth to transcendence and beyond…


Human existence is an extraordinary experience and mastery of this challenging journey requires many life skills if a person is to find the fulfillment that everybody craves for. From the time of our appearance in this world the challenge has begun as we must learn how to survive this difficult terrain we call life. We can learn how to feel this world without getting lost in the stories that our mind creates around them. Potentially we can gather great wisdom that will allow for the transition of our lives to a state of conscious presence whereby we have matured beyond the womb of our learning. We do not have to wait until we face death to free our existence, and we can utilise our experiences, even the tragic ones, to find an expression of life that is truly present and aware.

We are on a feeling and thinking exploration through “something” that is largely misunderstood, hence emotions and thoughts play off each other, creating great stress as a person attempts to maintain their sense of being and attain chosen desires. The greatest challenge we face is to keep our expression of self in an expansive state, particularly as we head through the many phases of life awaiting us, hence allowing for a journey that is not consumed by fear and the psychological restrictions that this creates.

David Coles, the Senior Life Expansion Specialist, Director and creator of Life Expansion Technique, does not see life, or any of the above realities, as a problem, because he has discovered a new language for life that not only explains the current status of our existence, but also offers a clear and powerful journey of emotional tenacity, altruism and psychological freedom, ensuring an expansive experience beyond life as we know it… a journey of honesty, strength, compassion and possibilities that can unleash the power of consciousness that lives at the core of every living sentient being.

Once liberated, an individual is free to feel the truth of life and everything outside of self, which allows for a complete and unedited experience whereby expansion becomes a self propelled reality for one to think, feel and share in… irrespective of what phase of life is being experienced.

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